Galileo Mystery: The Crown of Midas

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The Galileo Crown of Midas ROM for Wii is a game that seems to have disappeared without a trace. Despite being announced as in development several years ago and featured in early trailers, the game was never officially released, leading many to wonder what happened to it. The game was supposed to be a puzzle-platformer game where players would take on the role of the famous Italian astronomer Galileo as he navigates through various levels in search of the legendary crown of King Midas. So, what happened to the game and why did it never see the light of day? In this post, we’ll try to uncover the mystery surrounding the Galileo Crown of Midas ROM for Wii and explore the theories and rumors surrounding its development and cancellation.

The Development and Cancellation of the Game

The Galileo Crown of Midas ROM for Wii was developed by a little-known game development studio called Bit Planet Games. The game was supposed to be a Science-based game where players would learn astronomy while playing. The game had a unique plot and was supposed to be released on WiiWare. After a while, development slowed and no updates were given to the public. Bit Planet Games eventually went under the radar, and with that, the game’s fate was sealed. The game was officially cancelled in 2012, and the reason given was that the developers faced financial issues.

The Leaked ROM

In 2018, a Galileo Crown of Midas ROM for Wii was leaked online, leading fans to believe it could be played. While this was great news for gamers who had eagerly been waiting for the game’s release, the ROM only contained a few levels and was full of glitches. The ROM is rumored to have been stolen from the game’s developers by an ex-employee, who leaked it online years after the game’s cancellation.

The Influence of King Midas

King Midas was a legendary king from Greek mythology who is famously known for his touch that could turn anything he touches into gold. This legend was the basis for the game’s plot, as players would help Galileo find the crown of King Midas. The golden touch was also supposed to be a part of the game’s mechanics, where the player would have to decide when to use the golden touch to turn parts of the level to gold, making them easier to navigate, or when to conserve the touch and use it for more critical moments in the game.

The Future of the Game

With the game being cancelled officially in 2012 and the leaked ROM only containing a few levels, it is unlikely that the game will ever see the light of day. However, since the game has gained a cult following over the years, some fans have tried to recreate the game by using the available ROM and by using available tools. Some people have also created their own versions of the game and shared them on various websites, adding their own fan-made levels to the game.


In conclusion, the Galileo Crown of Midas ROM for Wii is a game that was canceled before it could even release officially. With only a few levels available in the leaked ROM, it is unlikely that the game will ever see the light of day. The game’s unique plot, its mechanics, and the Science-based gameplay it offered seemed to have captivated gamers’ imaginations. The game’s story was based on the legendary King Midas, which added an extra layer of intrigue to the game. While it’s impossible to know what the game could have been, it’s clear that fans of the game will continue to speculate and dream up their own versions of the game, even if it’s just fan-made.

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