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Naughty Dog developed the game, which is called Crash Bandicoot. The game was released by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation in North America in 1996. The story of the game takes place on an island off southeastern Australia. Dr. Neo Cortex and Dr. Nitrus Brio created a terrible experiment on this island by subjecting various animals to evolutionary treatment to create superpowered slaves for them. The Bandicoot mouse was originally a gentle one, but it was seized by Vortex to test him as the commander of the entire army produced in this study. Two people will believe that Crash will obey, and the experiment has turned him into a powerful and uncontrollable animal. Cortex decided to set free Crash after attempting to dominate him but without success. After leaving, Cortex continued his research on a Bandicoot mouse named Tawna while they were in custody. During their imprisonment, Crash and Tawna formed a friendship.Crash decides to return and defeat Professor Cortex so he can save his greatest friend.

The hero’s tale begins on N. Sanity Island’s beach. He must overcome various major adversaries, including Papu Papu’s insane, bulky Koala Kong and Pinstripe Potoroo crime boss. After entering Cortex’s castle, his aide Brio tried to prevent him from going any further. To become a monster but still fail to stop Crash, he sacrifices himself and utilizes chemicals. The castle was set on fire in the conflict between Brio and Crash. Cortex escapes aboard a hot air balloon, but Crash captures it. Cortex tries to shoot him with a plasma gun, but Crash reaches him and causes Cortex to fall from the sky. The tale concludes when Crash embraces Tawna as the three of them flee the burning castle while riding on Cortex’s hot air balloon.

The game is made up of ten levels, each one more difficult than the previous. There will be several different sorts of barrels in each stage, many of which will contain one of the goods like Wumpa Fruit or Aku Aku masks. Collecting all three Wumpa masks makes Crash invincible instantly. Bottomless pits and enemy attacks causing Crash to die and restart from the beginning are on the road ahead. Players can use spinning assaults to defeat foes by pushing them down or jumping on top of them.

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