Addams Family Values (USA)

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October 11, 2022

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When most people think of the Addams Family, they think of the spooky TV show from the 60s or the weird but lovable movie characters from the 90s. But do you know what else the Addams Family is known for? Well, they also have their own video game franchise! And in my opinion, the best installment in that franchise is Addams Family Values for the SNES.

Addams Family Values roms is a 2D platformer that tasks players with controlling Gomez Addams as he runs jumps, and climbs his way through six levels based on locations from the movie. These levels include the Addams’ mansion, a graveyard, a circus, a forest, and more. Throughout the levels, Gomez will encounter enemies like snakes, bees, ghosts, and even zombies! Luckily, he has some tricks up his sleeve to take them out. For example, he can use his hat as a boomerang to stun enemies, or he can jump on trampolines to reach new heights. There’s even a special level where players get to control Wednesday as she rides her bike through a dark cave!

The graphics in Addams Family Values roms are colorful and well-detailed. The character models are especially well-done and look just like their movie counterparts. The music is also great; it’s catchy and fits the tone of each level perfectly. Overall, this is a pretty solid package for a 16-bit game.

So there you have it! If you’re looking for a fun platformer to play on your SNES, I highly recommend checking out Addams Family Values. It’s got great gameplay, visuals, and sound plus, it’s just really fun to play! And who doesn’t love the Addams Family?

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