The New Sims 4 High School Years is Sims’ Most Ambitious Expansion Yet

Wishing you could erase those awful, painful high school years from your memory? The forthcoming Sims 4 expansion pack, High School Years, allows you to relive your ideal coming-of-age experience. On July 28, the new pack will be available on Steam, Origin, PlayStation and Xbox.

Sims 4 High School Years Still

Developers of the Sims 4 previewed a whole new world of gameplay for adolescent Sims during development. High School Years appears to cover all of the teenage milestones. Players have had to utilize mods, the Teen Hangout Lot disposition, and their imaginations until now when it came to creating a dynamic relationship with adolescent Sims.

As a lover of legacy challenges, I’m looking forward to seeing how the new expansion pack and update will add another layer of detail to gameplay while also giving my Sims a meaningful backstory. According to the game’s creators, the High School Years collection was inspired by teen drama series like Riverdale and Euphoria. Because the package primarily adds on a stage in your Sim’s life, there are virtually endless possibilities for interactions with other released packs.

High School Years is one of the most feature-packed expansions Sims 4 has yet offered, thanks to the number and depth of additions, as well as planned base game updates. Here’s a rundown of everything new.

Sims 4 High School Years Still

Here’s what the new edition has in store for gamers.

Class is in session at Copperdale High

Introduces the world of Copperdale to your high school-aged child with seven new lots, including Copperdale High School, a local hangout called ThrifTea, and a library. When your teenager Sim’s school day begins, you’ll have the option to join them at school or send them alone – similar to several careers in The Sims 4 Get to Work DLC.

High School Years lets you explore Copperdale, including the classrooms. This was a feature I always desired when playing Discover University. Your teenager Sim may still study, do homework, study and take weekly examinations in class, but he or she will earn skill points while doing so. Previously, this required a separate mod.

According to the designers, the high school lot is entirely moddable. In Build Mode, you may completely redesign the school if class isn’t in session.

After the bell rings

The High School Years pack includes a number of activities for your teen Sim to do, as well as learning. After school is done, your youngster Sim may linger on campus, unlike in Get to Work. Activities like cheerleading, sports and chess club will be available after school. Teen Sims will have additional school-related calendar events if you join the football team, for example. You’ll have more interactions with teammates if you join the football team, as well as the danger of rivalry and other things.

Two teenage sims dancing together at prom

Prom and graduation are two of the most typical high school activities. These events, like as voting for prom royalty, asking your crush to the dance, becoming class valedictorian, and more, are also configurable.

Your Sims may also spend time away from home at popular locations like Plumbite Pier and thrift store/boba tea cafe, ThrifTea. The pier is a fantastic date location for adolescent Sims, with new WooHoo spots such as the haunted mansion, tunnel of love, and ferris wheel to explore. Just make sure you don’t get caught!

More expression for teen Sims

You may also give your teen Sim a more developed personality in addition to teen milestone events like as prom, sneaking out after curfew, and pranking classmates. Drama Llama, Admired Icon, Goal Oriented, and Live Fast are all new aspirations dedicated to teens.

Your Sim’s goals, as well as their decisions in high school, have an influence on the rest of their life. You may be expelled from school for skipping too much class. You’ll be unable to attend university or take certain vocations if you don’t have a high school diploma. But don’t worry; if your delinquent Sim has a change of heart and decides to go back to school, they can do so online.

A bunch of teen sims showing off their new styles

The pack comes with a slew of new Create-A-Sim objects to customize your teen Sim’s look. There’s also a chance that your Sim will establish a new trend in town, as a bonus. If you’re lucky, classmates or townies may start wearing your outfit. And every adolescent’s haven – their bedroom – will have dozens of new ways to customize it.

Players may also immerse themselves in the traumatic teenage years by having body hair and shaving choices, pimples, a wants and fears system that is moment-to-moment objectives for your Sim, such as Whims.


The pack will also allow you to define your Sim’s sexual orientation. As with the option to change your Sim’s pronouns, this feature will be included in a base game update. The addition of another component impacts other Sims as well – for example, it makes it more difficult to spam interactions in order to receive love choices. You may even design your Sim to be asexual or aromantic. According on developers, these changes would allow LGBTQ+ players to feel more represented in games.

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