Skyrim Bug Makes the Game Look Like Silent Hill

A visual glitch in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim may lead to a feeling of being lost in the fog of Silent Hill.

Skyrim Bug Makes the Game Look Like Silent Hill

The Silent Hill franchise is full of frightening monsters, psychological fears, and dramatic twists. Even if you haven’t played a Silent Hill game before, you’re probably aware of one more thing the town and games are recognized for: the legendary fog.

The fog in Silent Hill was originally intended to assist with the PlayStation’s restricted capabilities, but it has evolved into a major feature of the games, frightening gamers as they wonder what is out there beyond their sight. As a result, fans of real-life fog and other video games are frequently reminded of the town of Silent Hill – which may or may not creep them out – like it does in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

In the full version of Skyrim, you can encounter a variety of weather situations, although in this case, visibility was reduced due to a bug. As noted by Reddit user MildlyAngryGuy, naturally foggy conditions in the game were exacerbated by the filter bug, resulting in a severe loss of visibility and hazy conditions. There are few NPCs visible as well, contributing to the feeling of mystery and solitude.

Mixture of a filter bug and a foggy morning made my game look like Silent Hill
byu/MildlyAngryGuy inskyrim

Fans of the series have been waiting a long time for a new game, and as a result, such events are frequently reminiscent of the good times. The franchise’s reputation has been reimagined in several ways by both experts and fans, with some of the most recent efforts depicting what Silent Hill could look like in Unreal Engine. It isn’t the first time that Skyrim fans have been reminded of Silent Hill, with a previous bug causing Whiterun to be blanketed in a thick fog.

The fanbases for these two types of games are feeling much the same level of despair with their developers. Of course, Silent Hill has been stagnant for years, with Hideo Kojima’s latest effort to resurrect it going up in flames when he parted ways with Konami. Skyrim, on the other hand, just celebrated its tenth birthday; and according to reports from Kotaku and others, there is no release date set for the Elder Scrolls 6 yet.

Finally, there’s the possibility that Skyrim will be too similar to Silent Hill for some fans. However, there may be some good news on the horizon, as a recent leak suggests that Silent Hill news is coming in mid-July. Players will have to wait and see if they receive any more information about it, but it’s still conceivable that both fans of The Elder Scrolls and those who enjoy playing through games like Silent Hill might have something to anticipate in the years ahead.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is now available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.