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You can download the LocoRoco ROM to play on your Playstation Portable. LocoRoco friends to a PSP and watch them jump for joy – or, more accurately, bounce around the place! LocoRoco is a colorful and cheerful platform game in which you must help the LocoRoco find their way home.

The LocoRoco are small, round creatures who live on a planet called LocoRoco. They are happy and carefree, but their world is under attack by the evil Moja army. The Moja have captured all of the LocoRoco except for one, who must now set out on a journey to save his friends and defeat the Moja.

On your travels you will meet various friendly characters who will help you on your quest. You will also come up against the Moja, who will try to stop you at every turn.

The LocoRoco are cute and cuddly, but they are also very tough. They can roll and bounce their way through the roughest terrain, and even eat their way through obstacles.

LocoRoco is a unique and charming game that is great fun for all ages. So why not download the LocoRoco ROM today and start your adventure?

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