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Jul 5, 2023


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Looking for a game with an intriguing storyline, fantastic graphics, and challenging gameplay? Look no further than Blue Dragon Plus ROM for Nintendo DS (NDS)! This game has it all, bringing a unique twist to the role-playing-game (RPG) genre and providing a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at everything you need to know about Blue Dragon Plus, from its gameplay mechanics to its epic storyline and everything in between. So, grab your Nintendo DS and jump into the world of Blue Dragon Plus!

The Storyline

At the heart of Blue Dragon Plus lies its captivating storyline. You play as a young hero named Shu, who, along with his friends, must save their world from destruction by a mysterious and powerful enemy known as the Land Shark. As you journey through the game, you’ll encounter a host of other characters, each with their unique skills and abilities, who will join you in your quest to save the world. The storyline is deep and well-written, immersing you in the game’s fantasy world and keeping you engaged and entertained for hours.

The Gameplay Mechanics

Blue Dragon Plus features a unique RTS (real-time strategy) twist to the traditional RPG genre. You start each battle by selecting your characters and then placing them on the battlefield. Once the battle begins, you can move your characters around the battlefield, issue commands, and engage in real-time combat. It’s a refreshing change of pace from the traditional turn-based combat found in most RPGs, and it makes for an exciting and engaging gameplay experience that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Graphics and Sound

One thing that sets Blue Dragon Plus apart from other NDS games is its stunning graphics and sound. The game’s world is bright, colorful, and extremely well-designed, providing an immersive experience that’ll transport you to another dimension. The game’s music is equally impressive, with an epic soundtrack that sets the tone for battles and cutscenes and keeps you engaged throughout the game.


One of the best things about Blue Dragon Plus is its replayability. Even after you’ve completed the main quest, there are still plenty of side quests and challenges to tackle, each offering unique rewards and gameplay experiences. Plus, with a host of characters to choose from, each with their unique skill sets and abilities, you can try out different party compositions to discover new strategies and playstyles.


No game is perfect, and Blue Dragon Plus does have its flaws. The game’s touchscreen controls can sometimes feel unresponsive, and the camera angles can be frustrating, making it hard to see the battlefield. Additionally, the game’s difficulty can be uneven, with some missions feeling unfairly challenging, while others are a breeze. However, these minor criticisms don’t detract from the overall enjoyment and satisfaction of the game.


Overall, Blue Dragon Plus is a must-play for any NDS owner looking for an engaging and challenging RPG. Its unique mechanics, deep storyline, and stunning graphics and sound make it a standout among other games in the genre, and its replayability ensures that you won’t quickly grow bored with the game. So, grab your NDS and jump into the world of Blue Dragon Plus ROM today!

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