Get Ready to Play Blackthorne ROM for GBA – Download Your ROM Now!

Get ready to go back in time and indulge yourself in a classic game from the 90’s. Blackthorne is a 1994 side-scrolling platformer video game that was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and later ported to the Game Boy Advance (GBA). Follow Kyle Vlaros on his mission to save his people, liberate them from their oppressors and restore justice in their kingdom. Download your ROM now, and let the adventure begin!

Gameplay Overview

Blackthorne is a 2D side-scrolling shooter, with occasional puzzles that you need to solve along the way in order to progress through levels. The main character is Kyle Vlaros who uses his shotgun and trusty knife while navigating through various levels. You can collect items, such as keys which are used to unlock doors, bombs that clear paths or gold coins which can be used as currency. Some levels also feature boss fights where you need to use special skills and strategies in order to defeat them.
Blackthorne also features several hidden weapons and power-ups such as armor vests and health packs that replenish your health points when needed. With its unique mix of action, exploration, puzzle solving and shooting there’s something for everyone here!

Downloading your Blackthorne ROM

The best way to play this classic game today is by downloading its ROM file, which acts like an emulator or virtual console of sorts that allows you run a copy of it on your computer or mobile device. To do so, simply head over to our website at DownloadROMs where we offer free downloads for both the Mac version and Android version of the game. Experience the thrill of playing this game on your smartphone with effortless ease!


If you’re looking for an exciting adventure filled with puzzles, shooting action, exploration and more then look no further than Blackthorne! This classic 90’s side-scroller will provide hours of entertainment for gamers young and old alike. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our website at DownloadROMs now and download your own copy of Blackthorne ROM today – it’s fast, easy, safe and secure! And once you start playing you won’t be able to put it down! Let the adventure begin!

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