Bella Sara: The Magical Horse Adventures

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July 19, 2023




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Horse lovers, brace yourself, as Bella Sara: The Magical Horse Adventures ROM, the popular game from Denmark has finally made its way into the Nintendo 3DS console. Developed by Hidden City Games, this game takes you on a magical adventure on the back of your own horse through enchanted forests, mystical cities and breathtaking landscapes. So, let’s jump right in and explore the magical world of Bella Sara.

Explore the Bella Sara: The Magical Horse Adventures ROM with Nintendo 3DS

Bella Sara is not just a game, but an entire world filled with horses, and their magical adventures. The game begins in the ancient city of North of Northholt, here, the player meets Sara, the protagonist, who introduces them to magical horses known as Bella Sara. The player must collect various magical artifacts to enter different lands and to explore the game thoroughly.

The game’s highlight is that the player interacts with various horses, each with a different backstory. The horses hail from different lands, such as North of Northholt, Island of Eldorado, Frost Knight’s country, etc. Each land has a unique theme, environment, and its own set of artifacts that need to be collected to proceed.

The gameplay is simple, where the player rides each horse, jumps over obstacles, collects magical objects and wins various prizes. Once a horse has completed a level, it gains experience points, which can level it up, thereby unlocking new abilities. The horse’s abilities are unique and are dependent on their breed, and eventually, the player becomes quite attached to their horse(s).

The player can also customize their horse’s appearance, mane, tails, and can create their own stable of horses on Bella Sara Island. The Island has various activities such as fishing, shopping and a good place to relax and enjoy the company of your horses.


Bella Sara is an excellent game for children and horse lovers alike. It offers non-threatening challenges and simple gameplay that is easy to pick up and enjoy. Hidden City Games have created a beautiful and magical world that will keep players entertained for hours. The addition of the game onto the Nintendo 3DS system offers an entirely new level of immersion, with clear graphics, 3D visuals, and delightful music. So, saddle up and join us on the adventurous ride that’s Bella Sara.

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