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October 29, 2013


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If you are a big fan of WWE and love playing games on Xbox 360, you may have been disappointed to learn that the WWE 2K14 game has been discontinued. However, there is still a way to enjoy this much-loved wrestling game, and that is through ROM. If you don’t have a console, you can still play WWE 2K14 by using an Xbox 360 emulator on your computer. In this blog, we’ll show you how to download and play WWE 2K14 ROM on Xbox 360 step-by-step.

Step 1: Download an Xbox 360 Emulator

To play WWE 2K14 on your PC, you need to have an Xbox 360 emulator installed. Some popular emulators are Xenia, CXBX-R for Windows, and XQEMU. Download the emulator from a reliable source. It’s essential to choose the right emulator as some emulators may have compatibility issues with the WWE 2K14 ROM.

Step 2: Download the WWE 2K14 ROM

You can find the WWE 2K14 ROM from various online sources. However, it’s crucial to download the ROM from a reliable source to avoid the risk of downloading a virus or malware. Also, ensure that the ROM is compatible with the Xbox 360 emulator you have installed.

Step 3: Install the Xbox 360 Emulator

After downloading an emulator, install it on your computer. Go through the installation process, and once it’s done, launch the emulator. Keep in mind that the installation process may differ based on the emulator you choose.

Step 4: Load the WWE 2K14 ROM

After installing the emulator, it’s time to get to the fun part. Open the emulator and click “File” in the menu bar and then click “Open.” Navigate to the location where you saved the WWE 2K14 ROM and select it. The ROM should start loading. You might need to configure the emulator settings to run the game smoothly.

Step 5: Play the Game

Once the game is loaded, you can start playing WWE 2K14 on your PC. You can use a USB gamepad controller that is compatible with the emulator for a better gaming experience. You can customize your gameplay settings according to your preference using the emulator settings.


Playing the WWE 2K14 game on Xbox 360 may not be possible anymore, but you don’t have to give up on your love for this superb wrestling game. With the right Xbox 360 emulator and the WWE 2K14 ROM file, you can still enjoy the game on your PC. It’s essential to follow all the instructions carefully to avoid any issues while downloading, installing and playing the game. Delve back into the glory days of WWE 2K14 on your computer with a few easy steps. Have fun!

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