WRC 4: FIA World Rally Championship

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Dec 6th, 2023


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For all the racing game enthusiasts out there, WRC 4: FIA World Rally Championship is a game you don’t want to miss. Developed by Milestone srl, this game is the official racing video game of the 2013 World Rally Championship season. It hit the European market on 25 October 2013 and was the last WRC Videogame to be developed by Milestone.

Wide Range of Game Modes

WRC 4 offers a variety of game modes. Firstly, you have the WRC Experience mode which lets you drive on all the 13 official locations of the championship. In this mode, you get to play as your favorite driver or team and aim to complete the full WRC season with their respective championship rules.

Another mode is the Rallye mode where you can race in time or against other drivers in Solo or Multiplayer mode. The most thrilling part of this game is the Extreme mode, where you get to drive in risky conditions such as night tracks or snow. Switch to the Road to Glory mode, where you have to complete specific challenges to improve your driving skills.

Realistic Graphics and Sound

WRC 4 includes breathtaking visuals that make you feel like you’re attending a real-life rally event. The authentic sounds of the engines and the screeching of tires provide a real-life experience. It gives the game a heightened sense of realism and makes it highly engaging.

Impressive Level of Customization

The developers have introduced a lot of options for customization where you can adjust gear ratios, suspension, and brake setups to your preference. You can also tweak the settings of the car such as engine performance, drag, and downforce, which makes for a unique experience.

Advanced AI

WRC 4 features intelligent artificial intelligence in the game that makes it highly challenging. Adaptive AI makes this game even more realistic as the AI changes its behavior depending on how you drive. You can choose to compete against some of the best drivers in the world, with perfect strategies and exemplary driving skills.

User-Friendly Interface

WRC 4 has an easy-to-navigate user interface that allows easy access to all game modes and options. It enables players to customize and adjust game settings with ease and flexibility.


Overall, WRC 4 is an ultimate racing game that has everything a player could ask for. With its fantastic customization options, realistic graphic and sound quality, and a wide range of game modes, this game makes for an exhilarating experience. It’s also user-friendly, ensuring that even beginners will have no trouble getting started. If you’re a racing game fan, WRC 4 should definitely be on your list of games to play.

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