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Nov 13th, 2023


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WALL-E was not just a popular animated movie from Pixar in the late 2000s; it was also a video game. Launched in 2008 by Heavy Iron Studios and published by THQ, the game was based on the storyline of the movie and featured the same adorable character. Despite having a fantastic backstory, the game received mixed reviews upon its release.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of the game differed across its versions, with Heavy Iron’s version receiving mixed reviews. Criticisms were aimed at its repetitive gameplay, which failed to captivate players for long periods. In contrast, Asobo and Savage-developed versions were lauded for having varied gameplay, keeping players engaged for more extended periods.

The Camera

One aspect that most players found problematic across all versions of the game was its camera. The Heavy Iron version saw players criticizing the camera angle, making it difficult to play, while the Asobo and Savage-developed versions had a better camera angle.

The Music

The Helixe version’s biggest flaw was its lack of music, which was disheartening to many players. Background music is crucial in keeping gamers engaged, and the absence of it is a significant deterrent to gameplay.

The Length

The Asobo and Savage-developed versions were longer, and this made them more engaging for players. They had a greater variety of challenges and levels, leading to players holding on to the game for more extended periods.

The Graphics

WALL-E was a critically acclaimed movie, and the video game’s graphics were deemed impressive. It showed great attention to detail and created an immersive environment that added to gameplay.


WALL-E was a fascinating video game that had strengths and flaws across its versions. The Heavy Iron version had a poor camera and repetitive gameplay, while the Helixe version lacked background music. However, the Asobo and Savage-developed versions were more engaging and made up for previous version’s flaws. The takeaway is that game developers need to keep in mind that games are created for players, and their feedback holds significant value. To create a successful game, it is essential to keep these aspects in mind.

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