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October 14, 2023


Video games have been a popular form of entertainment for many years. Anyone who grew up playing video games has a special place in their heart for the classic console games of the past. One of such titles is the Ultimate Stuntman on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). This game was a classic, full of action and adventure. The ROM version is now available for download, making it easier for fans to relive the game’s thrills from the comfort of their homes.

The Ultimate Stuntman is a 2D side-scrolling game developed by Codemasters and published by Camerica in 1990. The game’s story follows the adventures of an expert stuntman named “The Stuntman.” The player takes on the role of The Stuntman and must complete several dangerous stunts to take on the main villain, Fujiman.

The game is divided into six levels, each with a different theme and setting. The levels are set in iconic locations like Hollywood, Egypt, New York, and the Arctic, adding to the game’s unique charm. The levels are full of obstacles that the player must navigate, such as spikes, saws, traps, and enemies. The player must also collect items, like keys, that will help them progress through each level.

The player must complete each level within a certain time limit, adding more difficulty to the game. Moreover, the player must face bosses along the way. The boss fights are always challenging and require the player to utilize all the skills they have learned so far.

The game’s graphics are bright and vibrant, with detailed pixel art that will take you back to the early ’90s. The game’s music is also catchy and memorable, adding to the overall fun experience. The gameplay is smooth, with tight controls, making it easy to pick up and play.

Nowadays, the ROM version of the game is available for download. Fans of the Ultimate Stuntman can now relive the game’s thrills on their desktop or mobile devices. The game’s cherished memories can now be shared with a new generation of gamers.

The Ultimate Stuntman is still a classic game that is loved by fans all over the world. Now that the game is available as a ROM, people can revisit the title that defined their childhood. The game’s thrilling stunts and boss fights, combined with the vibrant graphics and memorable music, make it a must-play title for any classic game enthusiast. Download the ROM of the Ultimate Stuntman today and take on Fujiman in an epic adventure full of danger and excitement.

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