Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground

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Jun 5, 2022


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If you’re a fan of skateboarding and video games, then you’ll love the classic skateboarding game Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground ROM for the Nintendo DS (NDS). This game from 2007 gives gamers an immersive, realistic experience that takes them around the world to compete in numerous skateboard challenges. Let’s look at what makes this game so great.

Realistic Gameplay

The graphics in Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground are quite impressive for a Nintendo DS game. The characters and environments are highly detailed and realistic, making it easy to immerse yourself in the world of skateboarding. The controls are also intuitive; they allow you to do all sorts of tricks with ease even if you don’t have prior experience with skateboarding games. You can grind on rails, launch off ramps, perform wall rides, and much more. You can even customize your own skater with accessories like shoes and hats.

Global Challenges

You can compete against other skaters from around the world in global challenges such as vert competitions, big air contests, street style competitions, and more. There are also several mini-games like Graffiti Mode where you spray paint walls or collect coins in a side-scroller type level. As you progress through each challenge, you’ll unlock new levels and gain points that enable you to purchase new items for your skater as well as upgrades for their stats.

Skateparks Galore

The game features a wide variety of real-life skateparks from around the world such as San Francisco’s Embarcadero or Barcelona’s Plaza Real just to name a few. You can also design your own custom parks using various pieces like half pipes, quarter pipes, jump ramps, rails and other obstacles. Once completed, you can share your park with friends online or challenge them to beat your score in specific courses within it.


Overall, Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground is an exciting and immersive experience that will keep gamers engaged for hours on end! Whether it’s competing against skaters from around the world or designing your own custom parks filled with obstacles—this game has something for everyone! If you’re looking for an entertaining way to explore the world of skateboarding on your NDS system—Tony Hawk’s Proving ground is definitely worth checking out!

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