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Jun 21th, 2023


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Have you ever imagined what would happen if humans were no longer present in an urban city and all that was left were animals? Tokyo Jungle, an animal survival game developed by Crispy’s and released by Sony Computer Entertainment, takes you on a wild journey through a deserted Tokyo that has transformed into a wilderness. In this game, you have to survive in a world devoid of human domination, where you have to fend off against other animals to keep yourself alive. The game boasts two modes – Story and Survival, each with its unique gameplay that offers players a true survival experience.

The game is set in a world where animals inhabiting the city have made it their own. The game rewards the player’s performance and fighting skills with the score that can be compared in online leaderboards. The player takes control of one animal at a time to fight against predators and to form a pack or find a mate for reproduction. The game has a wide range of animals that players can choose to control. From dogs to deer, players can encounter different species, each with its unique characteristics, such as hunting prowess, speed, and stealth.

The game’s story mode is a mission-based campaign where players take control of different animals, with each level focusing on a specific animal. In this mode, players get to know the story behind many different animals living in the game’s post-humanity city. The Main protagonist in the story is a Pomeranian dog, who has lost his owner and sets out on a journey to find the long lost family of dogs in Tokyo. Throughout the journey, players face different challenges and missions, which revolve around survival, fighting, and exploration.

Survival mode challenges players to survive for as long as possible, focusing more on gameplay than the story. In this mode, players can choose an animal to control and have to navigate through a dangerous world full of predators and challenges. Every decision made by the player affects the success of the survival mode, and the player has to find food and shelter, hunt for prey and avoid or conquer opponents.

With online multiplayer mode, players can compete against each other, compare their scores on leaderboards, and find other players to join them in their survival journey. Online mode allows players to hunt with or against other players, forcing them to think strategically and face-animal threats.

Tokyo Jungle is a unique survival game that provides gamers with an eccentric gaming experience. The game has stunning visuals, a unique storyline, and enthralling gameplay. It allows players to immerse themselves in a world dominated by animals that compete for resources and survival. If you are looking for an exciting adventure game with challenging gameplay and intense animal combat scenes, Tokyo Jungle is well worth checking out.

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