Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles III – Radical Rescue

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Aug 14, 2023


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For all the gamers out there who grew up with Nintendo games, it’s a given that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of the best games of the 90s. The characters, storyline, and overall gameplay made it an instant classic. But did you know that a lesser-known but equally fantastic game called Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles III – Radical Rescue exists on Gameboy ROM? If you’re a fan of retro games and miss the thrilling adventures of the turtles, then this game is a must-play. Let’s dive in and explore the world of Radical Rescue.


The storyline of Radical Rescue is pretty similar to the original TMNT game. You have to guide the four turtles, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo, through levels that are filled with enemies and obstacles. But this time, their friend April O’Neil is kidnapped by the infamous Shredder, and the turtles have to go through the Foot Clan to rescue her. The levels are diverse, ranging from the sewers to construction sites and parks, with 160 levels of increasing difficulty.


The gameplay mechanics of Radical Rescue are pretty straightforward. The turtles have to use their unique abilities to clear obstacles and fight enemies. Michelangelo can jump higher and run faster, Raphael can throw stars and attack with his sai, Donatello can hit enemies with a bo staff, and Leonardo has a sword and can block enemy attacks. The controls are easy to understand, and the game is thoughtfully designed to simulate the classic TMNT game.


Radical Rescue features simple yet delightful graphics, with bright colors and animations that capture the essence of the turtles’ world. The levels are well-designed, and the backgrounds are detailed, adding depth to the gameplay. The sprites of the turtles and enemies are cute, and the bosses are well-animated, offering just the right amount of challenge.

Sound and Music

The sound effects and music in Radical Rescue are incredibly nostalgic and mood-setting. The game is accompanied by upbeat tracks that will make you feel like you’re back in the ’90s. The sound effects are crisp and well-timed, complementing the gameplay perfectly.


Radical Rescue is an overlooked gem of a game that deserves more recognition. If you’re a fan of the TMNT franchise or just a gamer who appreciates retro games, I highly recommend it. The charming graphics, tight gameplay, and nostalgic audio make it an incredibly entertaining experience. You can play Radical Rescue on Gameboy ROMs online or via emulator and relive the adventures of the turtles. It’s time to don your bandanas and shells and rescue April. Cowabunga!

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