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Jul 9, 2022


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Get ready for some explosive action with Super Bomberman 3! This thrilling entry in the hit franchise features all-new stages, characters, and gameplay mechanics that will keep you coming back for more.

First, choose your favorite hero from a cast of 8 unique Bombermen, each with their own special abilities. You’ll need all the help you can get as you take on 50 new stages packed with enemies and obstacles. Luckily, you can now use up to 4 bombs at once for maximum devastation.

And if you’re looking for even more challenge, try your hand at the all-new Battle Mode. With up to 5 players supported, this is the perfect way to test your skills against friends and family. So what are
The Super Bomberman 3 ROM is the third instalment of the iconic Super Bomberman franchise. This entry in the series takes everything that made the first two games great and ramps it up to 11. With new modes, new characters, and even more explosive action, Super Bomberman 3 is a must-have for any SNES fan.

The main mode of play in Super Bomberman 3 is the Story Mode. In this mode, you’ll take control of one of eight Bombermen as they battle their way through five worlds, each with their own unique challenges. You’ll need to use your wits and explosives to defeat all sorts of enemies, including Giant Snakes, Evil Clowns, and Robot Masters.

If you’re looking for an explosive good time, look no further than Super Bomberman 3! This beloved classic is back and better than ever, now available as a ROM for the Super Nintendo. Guide your intrepid bomberman through more than 50 stages, using bombs and cunning strategy to blast your enemies to smithereens. With an all-new multiplayer mode, up to five players can join in on the fun. So round up your friends and see who’s the best bomberman of them all!

The Super Bomberman 3 ROM is the third installment in the Super Bomberman series. This action-packed game was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1995. In the game, players take control of Bomberman as he fights his way through five worlds, each with 10 stages, to stop the villainous Bomber God from taking over the universe. The game features improved graphics and gameplay mechanics over its predecessors, as well as a new two-player mode. With its addicting gameplay and charming visuals, Super Bomberman 3 is a must-play for any fan of the series.

The Super Bomberman 3 ROM is finally available for free download on our website. This long-awaited game is the third installment in the Super Bomberman series and was released back in 1995. The story follows the same premise as the previous two games; you play as one of five bombers who must travel through various stages, defeating enemies and collecting items. However, Super Bomberman 3 introduces a few new gameplay elements that help to mix things up. For example, you can now choose between four different characters, each with their own unique abilities. You’ll also find a variety of new power-ups and items to collect, including the ability to double jump and even fly! With challenging puzzles and exciting action, Super Bomberman 3 is a must

The third installment in the Super Bomberman series, Super Bomberman 3 improves upon the formula established by its predecessors with even more explosive action. The basic objective remains the same – clear each stage by planting bombs and blasting your enemies – but now you can choose from five different characters, each with their own unique abilities. New power-ups and items also add some extra strategic depth to the gameplay. Whether you’re playing by yourself or with a friend, Super Bomberman 3 is a blast!

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