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Jul 30, 2023


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In 2004, Capcom released Steel Battalion: Line of Contact, an exhilarating mech-based combat game exclusively for the Xbox console. The game offers everything any player would ask for – immersive gameplay, complex mechanics, and a unique control system. The game is a fantastic multiplayer experience, featuring deathmatch and team deathmatch modes. Because this game is not available for purchase anymore, it is hard to find a physical copy of the original game. However, there is a ROM option available, providing great gaming experience for enthusiastic fans.

Steel Battalion: Line of Contact is set in the year 2084, where the game’s main focus is on the Vertical Tanks – a giant bipedal combat platform used for combat all over the world. Pioneered in Japan, these war machines drastically changed the nature of warfare. In the campaign, the player is tasked with joining one of the five factions and battling against the other factions across futuristic landscapes. In addition, they must also fight the game’s bosses and tackle its puzzles and challenges.

The game controls stole the show with 40 buttons, 2 joysticks, and 3 pedals, providing an immersive experience like no other. The player needs to control the movement of the lid with the two joysticks, operate the gears and weapons with buttons, and also operate the tanks with pedals. This setup provides a sense of control that no other game can match. Unfortunately, the exclusive and unique controller was limited in production and sold separately from the game, making it a rare and expensive item to own.

The game is not only entertaining but also features matchmaking and multiplayer options, providing ultimate mecha combat. Players can compete in different game modes with other people and climb the ranks to become a respected member of their faction. The multiplayer experience is frenzied, with tanks moving at high speeds all over the battlefield and weapons firing in all directions. Whether playing with friends or strangers, it is always a thrilling experience.

Steel Battalion: Line of Contact’s multiplayer modes are not the only exciting thing about the game. The game also features great sound design and music, setting the mood for engaging gameplay. The visuals were top-notch for the time, with detailed textures, crisp character and vehicle models, and meticulously detailed futuristic landscapes. The game provided a visually stunning experience.

Steel Battalion: Line of Contact is a true classic, offering gamers a unique and exhilarating experience that they will not find anywhere else. The game’s complex mechanics, immersive gameplay, and unique control system offer a level of control and realism that was unmatched at the time of its release. For those who missed out on the chance to experience it initially, a ROM version is now available for download online. So, dust off your mech-based combat tactics and get ready to engage in a thrilling battle that will transport you into the future.

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