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Aug 7, 2023


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Sneakers was a video game developed by Media.Vision and published by Microsoft Game Studios exclusively for the Xbox in 2002. The game was marketed to showcase the technical capabilities of the Xbox and originally released in Japan under the name Nezmix. While critics did not initially embrace the game, there are several reasons why Sneakers ROM might be the perfect game for you, especially if you love action, puzzles, and furry creatures.

Unique gameplay

Sneakers offers a unique gameplay experience that combines the thrill of action games with the challenge of solving puzzles. Players are tasked with leading a group of mice to explore a house and its surroundings to detect enemy rats and protect their group in beat ’em up fights. The game’s linear and repetitive gameplay has received criticism, but some players might find the simplicity of the game actually enjoyable. The branching paths, different enemy rats, and various obstacles provide enough updates to keep players interested, even if the game only has 12 levels.

Cute and furry creatures

The design of the mice in Sneakers was intended to showcase the technical capabilities of the Xbox with its “fur shading” graphics, which make the mice look and feel more realistic. Not only do the graphics showcase the hardware of the Xbox, but they also make the game more fun and engaging for players. Players get to lead cute, furry creatures through various obstacles and enemies, which makes the overall gameplay more enjoyable.

Chance to explore

Sneakers takes place in a house and its surroundings, which provides players with a chance to explore different rooms and locations. Each level has branching paths that allow players to take different routes, making the exploration exciting and unexpected. The different rooms also provide various puzzles and obstacles to make the exploration more challenging and enjoyable.

Fun for all ages

Sneakers is rated E for Everyone, which means it is a game that is appropriate for all ages. This makes it perfect for families who want to play games together or for those who want to enjoy a game that is less violent and intense than other action games. The game’s fun graphics, engaging gameplay, and easy-to-learn mechanics make it fun and accessible for all ages.

Nostalgia factor

For those who grew up playing Xbox, Sneakers might hold a special place in their hearts. Released in 2002, Sneakers was one of the earliest games released for the Xbox, making it one of the console’s classics. Revisiting the game can offer a sense of nostalgia for those who remember playing it as a child or teenager. Additionally, playing the game on modern consoles like the Xbox One or Series X/S can offer updated graphics, which can make the experience even more enjoyable.


While Sneakers ROM for XBOX was initially met with mixed reviews, it has several redeeming qualities that make it a fun and enjoyable game. Its unique gameplay, cute and furry creatures, chance to explore, accessibility for all ages, and nostalgia factor all make it a game that is worth considering. Sneakers may not be for everyone, but for those who enjoy action games with puzzles and furry creatures, it might be the perfect game!

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