Skylanders: Trap Team

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Nov 15th, 2023


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Skylanders: Trap Team is an ultimate adventure game that offers an array of features to keep gamers engaged. Whether you’re a fan of the Skylanders series or just looking for an entertaining game, this video game is an excellent choice. With 18 new Skylanders traps and 18 new core Skylanders, you’ll be in for a fantastic gaming experience.


The game features a unique lineup of characters, including 18 new core Skylanders and a new set of villains. Each character has its strengths and weaknesses, and you can switch between them during the gameplay. This feature makes the game more challenging and fascinating. Moreover, players can access hidden missions, each centered around different villains. Completing the quests can give you exclusive upgrades to enhance your gameplay.


One intriguing feature about Skylanders: Trap Team is that players can set traps to capture enemies within the game. The game comes with 18 different traps, each capable of holding up to 47 enemies. Trapping different types of enemies unlocks unique abilities and upgrades, making the game more exciting. You can also collect and store villains in the traps, allowing you to use them for your benefit.

Skylanders Minis

Another exciting addition to the game is the Skylanders Minis feature. This feature introduces smaller and cuter characters that offer improved gameplay from the previous Skylanders games. Players can choose from various mini Skylanders, each with its unique abilities and enhancements. Collecting them all adds more fun to the game.


Skylanders: Trap Team features a smooth gameplay experience, making it entertaining for both gamers and beginners. Players control their character while engaging in various missions and battles. You can either play as a Skylander or a villain, each with its set of abilities to use. The gameplay is easy to understand and offers plenty of exciting features to keep players engaged.

Graphics and Sound

Skylanders: Trap Team features outstanding graphics and sound quality. With its optimized 3D graphics, the game’s images are smooth, vibrant, and stunning. The different animation styles used in the game make it more entertaining and engaging. The game’s sound incorporates a variety of fantasy elements to give the game its immersive feel.


In conclusion, Skylanders: Trap Team is an excellent addition to the Skylanders series. It offers a diverse range of features that keep gamers engaged, including new characters, traps, and gameplay features. With its excellent graphics and sound, the game delivers an amazing adventure gaming experience. Whether you’re new to the series or a long-time fan, this game is worth a try.

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