If you’re a fan of retro gaming, then you are likely familiar with the MSX line of computers. For those who don’t know, the MSX (Microsoft Extended Basic) was a series of 8-bit computers released in 1983 and manufactured by various companies until 1995. With its wide variety of titles and games, the MSX quickly became one of the most popular home computing systems in the world. But what are ROMs, and why do they matter? Read on to find out.

The MSX had a wide range of excellent titles ranging from puzzle games like Thexder to RPGs like Xanadu and even shoot ‘em ups like Yie Ar Kung Fu. In addition to these great games, there is also a robust library of homebrew games developed for the MSX platform over the years. Of course, if you want to play any of these awesome titles today, you’ll need access to some MSX ROMs first.