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Jul 27, 2023


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Do you remember the days when handheld consoles were all the rage? The GameBoy was one of the most popular systems of its time and one game that stood out among the vast library was Robin Hood – Prince Of Thieves. Based on the movie starring Kevin Costner, and developed by Virgin Interactive Entertainment, this classic GameBoy game follows the tale of Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men as they rob from the rich and give to the poor. If you are a gamer who loves retro classics, then this game definitely deserves a spot in your collection. Let’s take a closer look at Robin Hood – Prince Of Thieves ROMGameBoy (GB).


Robin Hood – Prince Of Thieves ROM is a side-scrolling action game with platform elements. It follows the storyline of the movie, where players control the titular character, Robin Hood, and his Merry Men as they fight to protect their village of Nottingham from the tyranny of the Sheriff of Nottingham and his minions. The gameplay involves tackling various obstacles like jumping and climbing while simultaneously fighting off enemies.


For its time, this game was visually impressive. The character sprites were well designed, and the colors were vibrant despite the limitations of the GameBoy system. The level design was also impressive, with multiple backgrounds and lighting effects that made each stage feel unique.


The game’s soundtrack was a mix of in-game sound effects and chiptune-style music, which added to the overall retro feel of the game. The sound effects were simple yet fitting, while the soundtrack changed accordingly with the game’s various stages.

Replay Value

The game offered a decent amount of replay value, especially for those who love collecting items and points. There were hidden treasures scattered throughout the levels, which could be used to unlock extra content like artwork and character bios. There were also multiple difficulty levels, each with their own unique challenges, which kept the game fresh even after several playthroughs.


In conclusion, Robin Hood – Prince Of Thieves ROM – GameBoy (GB) is a classic game that deserves a spot in every retro gamer’s collection. Its combination of side-scrolling action gameplay, impressive graphics, and chiptune-style soundtrack make it stand out among the vast selection of GameBoy titles. The game’s replay value and hidden content only add to its charm, making it a timeless classic that will always be worth revisiting. If you are a fan of the Robin Hood story, or simply love a good retro action game, then Robin Hood – Prince Of Thieves ROM is definitely worth your time.

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