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If you’re a fan of the Resident Evil video game franchise, then you’ve most likely heard of Resident Evil Zero. Developed and published by Capcom for the GameCube in 2002, Resident Evil Zero serves as a prequel to the first Resident Evil game from 1996. The game follows the story of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team officer Rebecca Chambers and convict Billy Coen as they try to survive the horrors of an abandoned training facility in the Arklay Mountains. But Resident Evil Zero isn’t just any prequel; it’s a game that changed the way we think about survival horror.

Development for Resident Evil Zero started back in 1998 for the Nintendo 64. The game was supposed to take advantage of the console’s short load times and partner system. This new feature allowed players to switch between characters with ease, making it easier to solve puzzles and fight off enemies. However, the Nintendo 64 Game Pak had limited storage space, which made it challenging to design the game. To conserve storage space, the team had to approach game design differently from previous series entries. For example, they removed item storage boxes and introduced an item-dropping feature. This meant that players could no longer store every item they picked up, but instead had to drop items to make room for others. Although this design was necessary for the Nintendo 64 version, it would eventually have a significant impact on how Resident Evil games were designed in the future.

As development for the Nintendo 64 version of Resident Evil Zero slowed down, the team switched to the recently unveiled GameCube. The move to a new console meant that Capcom had to rebuild the entire game concept and story from scratch. The team was excited about the new system’s capabilities, and they took advantage of the added storage space to improve the game’s visuals and sound. The pre-rendered backgrounds of earlier Resident Evil games had reached their limit, and Capcom was ready to take the franchise to the next level. Additionally, the decision to develop Resident Evil Zero for the GameCube marked the start of a resurgence of survival horror on consoles and set the stage for the creation of future Resident Evil games.

Resident Evil Zero was designed to be more challenging than any previous Resident Evil game. In part, this was due to the game’s innovative partner system, which allowed players to switch between characters during play. This feature required a higher level of strategy and coordination to get through the game. It also meant that players could no longer rely on item boxes to store their gear, making them think ahead and carefully consider which item to carry and which to leave behind. The game’s difficulty added to its replayability, making it a favorite among Resident Evil fans.

Another significant change that Resident Evil Zero brought to the franchise was its focus on storytelling. Resident Evil games typically relied on pre-rendered cutscenes to advance the story. But Resident Evil Zero was one of the first games to use in-game cutscenes to tell the story. This new approach made the story feel more immersive and engaging than ever before.

Resident Evil Zero was a groundbreaking game that changed the way we think about survival horror. It brought about significant changes in the way Resident Evil games were designed, from the removal of item storage boxes to the use of in-game cutscenes to advance the story. Its challenging gameplay and innovative partner system made it a fan favorite, and it set the stage for future Resident Evil games. It might have started as a prequel, but Resident Evil Zero became so much more than that, leaving an indelible mark on video game history.

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