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Jun 29, 2023


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Do you like speed? Do you like miniature motorcycles? Do you like fast-paced racing games? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then Pocketbike Racer might just be the game for you. In this budget title from Burger King, you get to experience the thrill of racing Pocketbikes in various levels against your opponents. The game provides a fun and cartoonish take on racing, complete with power-ups, weapons, and an exciting Turbo bar. In this post, we will be discussing Pocketbike Racer ROM for Xbox, all the exciting features it offers, and whether or not it is worth playing.

Pick your character

One of the first things you’ll notice when you start Pocketbike Racer is the different characters you can choose from. Some of the characters in the game include Burger King’s mascot, The King, and Brooke Burke. You can also customize your character and change their color. While the character selection isn’t as diverse as other racing games, it’s still fun to see the Burger King characters in action.

Cartoonish Racing Levels

The racing levels in Pocketbike Racer are full of personality and fitting of Burger King’s branding. You’ll race in three different levels, including King’s Garden, Burger King Parking Lot, and Fantasy Ranch. The Fantasy Ranch level even features ‘streets of cheese’ that you’ll have to navigate around. The levels are full of hairpins, straightaways, and jumps that will test your racing skills.

Power-Ups and Weapons

Pocketbike Racer also offers various power-ups and weapons to help give you an edge over your opponents. You can use weapons like rockets, lightning bolts, and firecrackers to slow down your competition. There’s even an attack that can reverse your opponent’s controls for several seconds. The power-ups and weapons are charged using the Turbo bar, which fills up as you race through gates on the track.

Turbo Bar

The Turbo bar is a unique feature of Pocketbike Racer. It fills up as you perform tricks and jumps, and you can use it for a quick boost of speed to help you overtake your opponents. It also powers the weapons, so you’ll have to manage it carefully to get the most out of it. The Turbo bar adds an exciting element to the game and sets it apart from other racing titles.

Create-Your-Own-Character Mode

While the create-your-own-character mode in Pocketbike Racer is somewhat limited, it’s still an enjoyable addition to the game. You can customize the color of all the non-mascot characters, giving you some creative control over your chosen character.


If you’re looking for a budget racing game that’s full of personality and cartoonish fun, then Pocketbike Racer ROM might just be for you. The game features various levels, weapons, power-ups, a Turbo bar, and create-your-own-character mode. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of other racing titles, it more than makes up for it with its charm. Overall, if you’re looking for a fun and lighthearted racing game that you can enjoy with friends, Pocketbike Racer has you covered.

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