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29th Sep, 2023


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Football is the most popular sport in the world, and numerous video games simulate it. However, few come close to Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 in terms of realism and features. PES 2014 was designed with six crucial elements to enhance the physics and aspects of the game, making it the ultimate football experience.

The Physics of the Ball

One of the standout features of PES 2014 is its focus on the ball, its movements, and how players use it. Every kick, pass, and shot is affected by the ball’s physics, including its trajectory, spin, and speed. This makes for an incredibly authentic gameplay experience, where no two passes are the same.

The Stature of the Player

PES 2014 takes into account the physical attributes of each player, including their height, weight, and physique. This results in more authentic encounters on the pitch, with taller players having an advantage in heading the ball, while lighter players can move around more quickly.

The Speed and Height of the Pass

Accuracy is key in football, and PES 2014 understands this better than most games. The speed and height of every pass are taken into account, ensuring that every ball travels exactly where the player wants it to.

Motion Animation Stability System (M.A.S.S.)

Physicality is a significant aspect of football. PES 2014’s M.A.S.S. feature makes it possible to have more realistic physical contacts between players, tackles, and overall gameplay. It enhances the interactions between players and ensures that the game is more open-ended, ultimately resulting in a better gaming experience.

The Influence of the Audience

In real-world football, the audience plays an important role in the players’ morale and overall performance. PES 2014 understands this and replicates it impressively in-game. The audience’s influence on the team’s performance turns out to be a powerful feature that provides an authentic experience.

Individual Player Performance

Successful football teams often boast of individual players with moments of high brilliance that can boost the team’s morale. PES 2014 reproduces this reality by demonstrating the positive effects of individual brilliance while punishing bad performances. This feature applies pressure on teammates to support a struggling player to enhance gameplay strategies.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is undoubtedly the ultimate football game experience. Its attention to detail with regard to ball physics, player attributes, passing accuracy, M.A.S.S. mode, audience effects, and individual player performance, makes it a must-play for gamers who are fans of football. By investing its efforts in creating the most realistic football simulation, PES 2014 has managed to set the standard for future football games.

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