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Jan 6th, 2024


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Naughty Bear is a game that lets you take pleasure from being a mischievous bear with a sadistic personality. The game can be quite an addictive experience and has entertained many gamers for a long time. However, if you have not yet played Naughty Bear: Gold Edition, you are missing out on a lot. This edition is a re-release that includes all DLC packs. Here’s all you need to know about this edition!

The Plot

Naughty Bear: Gold Edition is a stealth-action game where you play as Naughty Bear, who is not invited to a birthday party by other bears. Out of revenge, Naughty Bear decides to take revenge on the other bears by wrecking the party. The game is set on a single island, and Naughty Bear has to complete various objectives to progress furtively.

The Gold Edition

The Gold Edition of Naughty Bear includes eight additional DLC packs that offer new costumes, weapons, and missions. These packs add a new experience to the already immersive game. The “Teddy Krubear” DLC pack is a personal favorite as it allows you to control a giant mechanical claw and eliminates other bears with ease.

The Gameplay

The game mainly consists of sneaking up on other bears and stuffing them into the various traps available on the island. The game has a scoring system that awards points for different achievements, such as killing specific bears or completing certain objectives.

Naughty Bear is a challenging game, and the Gold Edition adds more challenges to the mix. The DLC packs add new levels of difficulty, making the game a bigger challenge for veterans and new players alike.

The Graphics and Soundtrack

Naughty Bear: Gold Edition has enhanced graphics and incorporates sound effects and background music that complement the game’s vibe. Each level has its unique features and distinctive tendencies, and the music shifts accordingly to match each scene’s tone.

Final Verdict

Naughty Bear: Gold Edition is a must-play for anyone who enjoys a good stealth-action game and a love for mischief. The addition of eight DLC packs, more significant challenges, and the enhanced graphics takes this game to another level. If you haven’t played this game yet, now is the time to embrace your naughty side.


Naughty Bear: Gold Edition is a unique and entertaining game that will fulfill your desire to be mischievous. The game is easy to grasp, and the addition of eight DLC packs makes it even more enjoyable. The game may not be for everyone, but it is a must-play for anyone who enjoys stealth-action games with a difference. So, unleash the naughty bear within you and get your hands on the Naughty Bear: Gold Edition today!

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