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Sep 5th, 2023


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Lost Planet 2 has been a highly anticipated sequel with fans waiting patiently for a decade post the release of the original. This time around, Capcom has taken a fascinating shift in perspective, offering gamers a chance to unravel the story through the eyes of numerous Snow Pirate groups. The icy terrains of planet E.D.N. III welcome players once again into its fold, offering an enhanced plunge into its distinctive storyline.

Enhanced Graphics

Lost Planet 2 comes with boosted graphics that elevate the gameplay experience considerably. From the sound design to the vividly-realized landscapes and the giant creatures that inhabit it, the visuals in this game are breathtaking. Players can expect an immersive experience that’s packed with stunning set-pieces that showcase the game’s updated graphics.


Lost Planet 2 boasts an extensive multiplayer component that elevates the game beyond its console peers. Whether co-op or competitively, players can interact with one another to experience the game’s unique mechanics and storyline together. It’s an incredible feeling to band together with other players and tackle the giant, monstrous creatures that are scattered throughout the game. Even after the single-player campaign ends, the game offers multiplayer modes such as “Extraction”, that keep it fresh and engaging.


Lost Planet 2 takes the customization options available in the original game and amplifies them considerably. From weapon loadouts to player-specific character creation, there’s a lot of depth to explore in the customization menu of this game. Players get the chance to tailor their experience for a personal touch that feels unique to them. It also serves as something to work towards, with players consistently strategizing on the best equipment to wield in every given scenario.

Gameplay Mechanics

Lost Planet 2’s gameplay mechanics are what sets it apart from other third-person shooters. The game features a gameplay style that’s both unique and challenging. It allows players a chance to harness the natural elements of the planet to their advantage, with each creature and landscape requiring a different strategy to overcome. Additionally, the game features a command menu, which helps players hone their AI partners’ actions in each mission. It creates a layer of strategy that keeps the game feeling fresh and exciting throughout the entirety of the campaign.


In conclusion, Lost Planet 2 is a must-play for anyone looking for a unique and engaging gaming experience. The enhanced graphics, multiplayer options, customization, and gameplay mechanics make it a standout title that feels like a natural evolution of the original game. It’s a game that kept me engaged from start to finish, with an immersive lore that I couldn’t get enough of. It’s impressive to see how Capcom shifted the perspective from the original game, offering players a fresh and exciting view of E.D.N. III. Lost Planet 2 is, without a doubt, a game that deserves a spot on any gamer’s shelf.

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