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Jul 30, 2023


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Golf enthusiasts can now rejoice as one of the most realistic and competitive golf games is available exclusively on the Xbox video game system. Links 2004 ROM for Xbox has been rebuilt from scratch with breathtaking graphics, dynamic physics, and advanced AI to deliver an unparalleled golfing experience. With championship courses, top professionals, and multiplayer mode, Links 2004 ROM offers an immersive and interactive golf experience that will keep every player hooked for hours.

Gameplay and Features

Links 2004 is packed with exciting features that enhance the gameplay and realism of the game. With advanced AI, players can experience challenging gameplay that will test their golfing skills. Gamers can customize their own unique player using the character creation tool and play in various game modes like stroke play, match play, skins games, and alternate shot. The game also features character models of real-life professional golfers, including cover athlete Sergio Garcia. Players can command their caddy to suggest shots, adjust your club selection depending on the distance, and even adjust the weather conditions like wind speed and direction. The game’s physics engine also ensures that there are varied outcomes on the gameplay based on the angle, speed, and spin of your shot.

Multiplayer Experience

With Link’s 2004, gamers can now experience multiplayer mode online via Xbox Live. They can compete against other players worldwide, build community, and improve their overall game. Xbox Live enables players to participate in friendly matches, join custom tournaments, and even post challenge matches. Alternatively, players can also host their own custom tournaments, set entry fees, and compete with other players in a private tournament. Multiplayer gaming provides a more, social experience that allows players to make new friends worldwide while competing.

Championship Courses and Top Pros

Link’s 2004 features some of the most iconic golf courses and top-ranked professional golfers. Gamers can compete on world-renowned courses like St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, and Spyglass Hill. The game features a broad range of styles, ranging from links to desert tracks, classic courses, and new courses created exclusively for the game. Additionally, the game features a knowledgeable aerial map of each hole, including elevation, topography, and critical hazards. Players can determine their path shot-by-shot, simulating real-world golfing on the courses. Players can also compete against professionals like Tiger Woods, Ty Tryon, and Annika Sorenstam.

Graphics and Audio

Link’s 2004 ROM showcases fantastic visuals and sounds. The game’s graphics are detailed, crisp, and visually appealing, featuring realistic character models, accurately reproduced golf courses, and dynamic ambient weather. The sound design is admirable, with clear commentary from expert analysts like David Feherty and Bill Macatee. The scorecard soundtrack features a collection of jazz and modern acoustic music that elevates the player’s mood and engagement.


In conclusion, Links 2004 ROM for Xbox offers golf enthusiasts an immersive and engaging gaming experience. With advanced physics, dynamic AI, multiplayer modes, top professionals, and championship courses, the game remains one of the most realistic and competitive golf games. The detailed graphics and sound design elevate the player’s engagement and offer a memorable experience. More than just a game, Links 2004 ROM is a golfing simulation that transports players to iconic courses worldwide and challenges them to become better golfers. Try Links 2004 ROM today and experience the ultimate golf experience.

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