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May 22th, 2023


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The story of LA Noire takes place in Los Angeles during the post-World War II era. The game’s main character, Officer Phelps, works as a detective in the LAPD, tasked with solving various crimes that range from theft to murder. One of the key features of the game is its open-world map, which allows players to roam the streets of LA and take on different investigations in any order they choose.

Each investigation begins with a briefing from superiors at the police station. Players then head out to the crime scene to gather clues, which are highlighted in the game’s HUD. The game utilizes motion-capture technology to create realistic facial expressions and body language for its characters, making it easier for players to read emotions during interrogations. Each encounter is played out like a conversation tree, where players choose what to ask or how to respond to a suspect’s answer.

The game also features action-packed sequences, such as car chases and shootouts, expertly integrated into the game’s narrative. Driving mechanics are also included, with players having to tail suspects or escape from pursuing enemies. These sequences help break up the monotony of investigation, and the stakes remain high, as failure could result in a mission failure or a career rating penalty.

To aid players in their investigations, each case comes with one or two partners who accompany them on each assignment. Each partner brings a unique personality and skill set to the table, with some being better at finding clues or identifying patterns. Building relationships with partners is crucial, as they might assist players in interrogation or reveal helpful information during conversations.

The game features a ranking system that judges players’ performance based on the quality of evidence gathered, their methods during interrogations, and how well they have solved each case. All this culminates in a final ranking, determining whether players excel at their job or get dismissed by the LAPD.

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