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Jul 30, 2023


6.28 GB


Boxing fans, relive the excitement of the all-time great matches with Knockout Kings 2002 ROM for XBOX. This game features an all-new game engine that promises the fastest, most intense boxing action in the series. With a long list of boxing legends, fans can create dream bouts with Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Roberto Duran, and Sugar Ray Leonard. Lace up your gloves, throw in your mouthpiece, and step into the ring to experience the best boxing game ever made!

Stellar Graphics and Visuals

True to its name, Knockout Kings 2002 is all about the boxing bouts. The game is designed to recreate the ambiance of boxing rings of the past, from the sound of the bell ringing to the hyped-up commentary that surrounds each bout. The game features realistic graphics, making the boxers look better than ever before. The details on both their faces and bodies are captured, providing the most lifelike boxer visuals possible.

A Vast Array of Playable Characters

Knockout Kings 2002 boasts an impressive list of legendary boxing champions, which include the likes of Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Roberto Duran, and Sugar Ray Leonard. The game also features lesser-known, but equally impressive, fighters such as Archie Moore, Rocky Marciano, and Larry Holmes. Each boxer has their own unique attributes, strengths, and weaknesses, allowing players to experience the real-world boxing strategies required to bring down an opponent.

Various Boxing Modes to Choose From

The game offers different modes to suit the players’ interests. For beginners, there’s a tutorial mode that teaches the basics of boxing. The Career mode is where you can develop a rookie boxer’s career, work your way up the ranks, and win championships. There’s also the Exhibition mode for quick matches, while the Create-a-Champ mode allows players to create their own boxer and develop their abilities over time.

Intense and Realistic Boxing Action

The game offers a comprehensive boxing experience – from dodging opponent’s punches to unleashing game-winning combinations. With the incorporation of the all-new game engine, the boxing action is fast and intense, recreating the feeling of real boxing matches. The game offers realistic environments, the sounds of the audience reacting, and fighters’ grunts and specific voice lines, making it feel like an authentic boxing match.

User-Friendly Interface

With Knockout Kings 2002, the controls are simple to use. The straightforward gameplay means that the game is accessible to everyone, from newbies to experienced gamers. In the game, you can switch up your boxing stance, jab, duck and move around the ring to evade attacks or confuse your opponent. The game’s interface is also simple and user-friendly, which means that players can easily access their options, and the menus are intuitive.


Knockout Kings 2002 on XBOX offers a ringside seat to fans of boxing, with stunning visuals, many legendary boxers to choose from, and intuitive gameplay that makes the game great for players of all skill levels. The game’s realistic environments and sounds, fast-paced action, and the ability to create your own boxer and start a career make it a charming package. This game is perfect for those who are either passionate about boxing or new to the sport and looking for a video game to fall in love with. With a robust feature list, stylish visuals, and the intuitive controls, Knockout Kings 2002 offers an unmissable boxing experience that any enthusiast will enjoy!

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