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Nov 11, 2023


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Kero Blaster ROM PS4 is a retro-style side-scrolling 2D game that takes you on a journey filled with thrilling challenges and unique experiences. Developed by the renowned Japanese game designer, Daisuke Amaya, it is the perfect game for gamers seeking entertainment with a twist. Whether your goal is to collect gems in a mystical world or fight off terrifying creatures with bubble guns, Kero Blaster ROM PS4 is the game to try.

Graphics and Gameplay

Kero Blaster ROM PS4 has a unique retro-style look with vibrant and colorful graphics. The levels are filled with diverse enemy designs, each requiring a different approach to overcome. The side-scrolling gameplay can be experienced in different ways, including a challenging Normal mode or a more accessible Easy mode. Moreover, further progressing in the game will unlock Bonus modes providing an additional entertainment value.

Soundtrack and Story

The game features a diverse musical backdrop with different scores for each level. The tracks are composed by several indie artists, further contributing to the quirky and unique experience of the game. The storyline is relatively simple and follows a frog named “Kero” who operates a company called “Cat and Frog Inc.” with the goal of cleaning up various locations. Despite its simplicity, the witty humor and character designs complement the gameplay experience exceptionally well.

Difficulty and Replay Value

Kero Blaster ROM PS4 is challenging, but not impossible. The gameplay requires players to master the mechanics such as dodging and shooting, which can take a while to get used to. Nevertheless, players are provided with checkpoints throughout the levels. Beating the game opens up a genuinely challenging New Game+ mode, while finding and unlocking secret chests and levels gives that extra motivation to replay the game entirely.

Price and Availability

The game is priced reasonably for the quality and entertainment value it provides. Kero Blaster ROM PS4 is available for purchase on the PlayStation Store for $9.99, and players are provided with a free demo to test it out. The game’s cross-buy feature allows players to enjoy the game on multiple PlayStation consoles.


Kero Blaster ROM PS4 is an overall enjoyable experience. The gameplay mechanics and design elements of the game make it an excellent choice for gamers who appreciate classic 2D side-scrolling games. Although the game is challenging, the checkpoint system and the option to play on Easy mode makes it accessible to newcomers. Its replay value and story elements mean that the game is not just a one and done experience, and you’ll want to experience it multiple times. So, if you are looking for some exciting retro-style fun, be sure to give Kero Blaster ROM PS4 a try.

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