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Jun 20th, 2023


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Heavy Rain is a third-person adventure and action game that took the gaming world by storm when it was released in 2010. Developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, the game offers players a chance to lead four characters alternately in the main storyline, and their decisions can impact the plot and lead to different endings. The game’s creative approach and fascinating story have earned it praise from players worldwide. In this blog post, we will explore the story and gameplay of Heavy Rain and why it continues to be a fan favorite after a decade.

The main story of Heavy Rain revolves around the mystery of the Origami Killer, a serial killer who drowns innocent hostages during long rain. In the opening game, the player is introduced to Ethan, a father who lost his son, Jason, in a shopping mall. After a desperate search, he finds him dead in an accident. Traumatized, Ethan departs from his wife and moves into a small suburban home.
Two years later, Ethan takes his other son, Shaun, to a park, where he is suddenly attacked and knocked unconscious. When he wakes up, he finds Shaun kidnapped by the Origami Killer. From here, the game follows Ethan’s journey to save his son once again. Players will take over the journey of Ethan, Shauns dad, and find themselves on an emotional rollercoaster of pain and empathy.

What makes Heavy Rain stand out is the ability to control four different characters and immerse yourself in the story. Players will follow Ethan, detective Scott Shelby, journalist Madison Paige, and FBI agent Norman Jayden, each with their unique skills and personalities, as they work to uncover the truth about the Origami Killer. Depending on the player’s decisions, the story will unfold in different ways as players will face different outcomes.

Heavy Rain also uses a QTE (Quick Time Event) gameplay mechanic, which puts players in the middle of intense moments. Designed as somewhat of an ‘interactive movie’, players use various QTE’s and perform various actions, like flicking a joystick or pressing a button, to react to the various prompts that appear on the screen. These events keep the players on their toes and create a sense of urgency that is intrinsic to the game’s storyline.

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