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Jun 8, 2023




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Are you a true fan of Gundam anime series? Do you love playing exciting action-packed games? If yes, then there is some good news for you! Gundam Try Age SP ROM is now available to play on your Nintendo 3DS gaming device! Get ready to explore a world full of thrills, adventure, and battles as you navigate through challenging levels, fight against powerful enemies, and unleash the ultimate power of your Gundam robots. In this blog post, we’ll give you a complete rundown of everything you need to know about Gundam Try Age SP ROM, including how to download it and start playing!

What is Gundam Try Age SP ROM?

Gundam Try Age SP ROM is an action-packed video game from Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is based on the famous anime series “Gundam Try Age” and features a wide range of Gundam robots that users can control and use to fight against powerful enemies. The game offers over 300 different Gundam models to choose from, each with its unique set of skills, abilities, and weaponry.

Features of Gundam Try Age SP ROM

Gundam Try Age SP ROM is packed with exciting features that will keep you hooked for hours. Some of the notable features of the game include:

  • Over 300 Gundam robots to choose from
  • Customizable pilot characters
  • Real-time battles
  • Multiple game modes, including story mode, versus mode, and challenge mode
  • Co-op play with friends
  • Multiplayer battles via Wi-Fi

Tips for Playing Gundam Try Age SP ROM

To get the most out of your Gundam Try Age SP experience, follow these tips while playing the game:

  • Focus on upgrading your Gundam robots and pilots to unlock their full potential
  • Use different robot combinations for different enemies and situations
  • Practice your piloting skills to learn new moves and combos
  • Don’t rush into battles, take your time to strategize and plan your attacks
  • Play with friends to experience co-op battles and multiplayer modes


Gundam Try Age SP ROM is a must-play game for all Gundam fans out there. With its exciting gameplay, stunning graphics, and challenging levels, the game is sure to keep you engaged for hours. Download the ROM file today and get ready to experience the ultimate Gundam adventure on your Nintendo 3DS gaming device!

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