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Aug 5th, 2023


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Are you looking for a video game that captures the essence of real racing? Look no further than Grid Autosport. Developed by Codemasters for PlayStation 3, Grid Autosport is the third game in the Grid series, designed to move the series back towards “more authentic racing games”.

Career Mode

As a player, you act as a racing driver with opportunities to start and build your own racing career via the single-player Career mode. This provides an authentic racing experience, with races that range from Endurance events to Street Racing. The player can also be a part of five different disciplines in the game – GT (Grand Touring), Touring Cars, Endurance, Open-Wheel Racing, and Street Racing. Each discipline has its own features and car types.

Multiplayer Online Mode

In addition to the Career mode, Grid Autosport offers multiplayer Online mode where players can compete with fellow drivers on the web. The player can customize their vehicle, circuit, and race type, and can also enter specialized racing events like Drift, Time Attack, and Overtake. The multiplayer Online mode offers great opportunities for players to improve their driving skills in competition against others.

Single-Player Custom Cup Mode

Grid Autosport offers a unique single-player Custom Cup mode where players can customize their racing experience to their own preferences. This mode allows the player to create their racing event by choosing from a series of options such as car type, race type, difficulty level, location, and more. With the ability to create the perfect race, this mode allows players to experience the most authentic racing experience.

Multiplayer Splitscreen Mode

The game’s multiplayer Splitscreen mode is designed to be a great feature for players to have fun with friends or family. With this mode, two players can play at the same time on a single screen, providing a fun and competitive experience between friends or family members.


Grid Autosport sets itself apart from other racing games with its focus on authenticity. The developers have introduced major modifications to the handling model, making for a lean, race-first oriented design. This allows players to experience the true feel of racing, whether it’s through the single-player Career mode, the multiplayer Online mode, single-player Custom Cup mode, or multiplayer Splitscreen mode.

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