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Jul 1, 2023


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Disney’s Mulan has been a favorite among the young audiences since its release in 1998. The story of an adventurous girl who defies stereotypes and saves her father and country has touched millions of hearts worldwide. No wonder then, that when Disney released its Mulan ROM for GameBoy, gamers went crazy! If you’re feeling nostalgic and in the mood for some childhood memories, pull out your GameBoy and explore the world of Mulan all over again! Here’s what you need to know about Disney’s Mulan ROM for GameBoy.

The Plot

For those who don’t know, Disney’s Mulan video game plot follows the storyline of the animated movie. You take on the role of Mulan, the fearless and skilled warrior, and embark on a journey to save your father and defeat the Huns. You explore different settings inspired by the movie, like the chaotic streets of China, the Imperial Palace, and the Great Wall.


The game is an action-adventure one, with elements of RPGs. You primarily control Mulan in the game, using her combat and martial arts skills to eliminate enemies, collect items, solve puzzles, and reach different destinations. The game also includes mini-games, like target practice and horse racing, that add to the fun and variety.

Graphics and Sound

The Disney’s Mulan ROM for GameBoy boasts of excellent graphics and sound, especially for a 1998 game. The colorful and detailed 8-bit graphics bring the characters and settings to life, and the music and sound effects add to the immersive experience.

Reception and Legacy

Disney’s Mulan ROM for GameBoy was a commercial and critical success on release, receiving high praise for its engaging gameplay, accurate depiction of the movie, and technical achievements. It also helped to bolster the legacy of the Mulan franchise, which has seen many adaptations and remakes over the years, including a live-action version in 2020.

Where to Play

The good news for gamers is that, if you don’t have an actual GameBoy and the game cartridge, you can still play Disney’s Mulan ROM for GameBoy on several emulators and online platforms. Just search for “Disney’s Mulan GameBoy ROM” online, and you’ll find many options to download and play the game.


Disney’s Mulan ROM for GameBoy is a must-play for anyone who is a fan of the movie, the game, or both. It captures the essence of Mulan’s story and characters and adds a layer of interactivity and nostalgia to it. The game is also a testament to Disney’s commitment to quality in all their products, and the legacy of Mulan as a symbol of perseverance and bravery. So, what are you waiting for? Strap on your GameBoy and join Mulan on her journey to greatness!

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