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Jul 3th, 2023


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In “Dead Space 2”, you’re immersed in a thrilling and scary experience as you fight for your life against the Necromorph outbreak. The game’s unique perspective offers an exceptional gaming experience with impressive visuals and gameplay mechanics that are easy to understand. The holograms projected from a character’s outfit or weapon help players to understand the ammunition stats the character has, making the game more realistic and exciting.

As you play the game, you will notice that the character is constantly in a vacuum, making oxygen levels a crucial element of your survival. Players must pay attention to the oxygen meter, or they will choke to death. To make things even more difficult, the character dies if they do not survive a mission or if oxygen drops to zero, and the player has to start over. Therefore, the game requires meticulous attention.

To upgrade weapons or obtain new clothes, players must collect item diagrams found in each mission. Upgraded weapons and new clothes can offer a significant advantage in the game, making it easier for you to fight against the creepy mutant creatures.

The game offers a multiplayer mode for gamers who want to enjoy the game with their friends. The multiplayer mode lets you roam with your team-mates, making the gameplay even more exciting and enjoyable.

In conclusion, “Dead Space 2” is a game that every horror game enthusiast must try. With its unique gameplay mechanics, immersive graphics, and a fascinating story, it’s a game that will keep you at the edge of your seat. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate thrill and fear, “Dead Space 2” is the game for you. It’s a game that deserves a spot in your gaming collection.

“Dead Space 2” is a horror game, fighting for survival in the third-person perspective of the developer Visceral Games and released by Electronic Arts, promising to bring players a very new experience. The product is reserved for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 systems. In the game, the player will follow the main character Isaac Clarke fighting the Necromor outbreak on a Sprawl space station. With holograms projected from a character’s outfit or weapon will help players understand the ammunition stats the character has. The game takes place in a vacuum, so the character will have to pay attention to the oxygen meter before choking. The character will die and the player will have to play from the beginning if oxygen drops to zero or does not survive a mission so the player must be meticulous. The collection of item diagrams found in each mission can upgrade weapons or new clothes. Multiplayer mode can help the character to roam with his teammates and easily destroy the creepy mutant creatures. This is the most expensive set of games Visceral Games ever made with a budget of up to $ 120,000.

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