Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune

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June 28, 2023

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Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune ROM PS4 If you’re looking for a game that combines characters from Dead Or Alive with a beautiful resort, then Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune ROM for the PS4, might just be the game you’re looking for! This is a beach volleyball-themed game where you can choose your favorite characters from Dead Or Alive and take them on an all-expense-paid vacation to a beautiful tropical island.

Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune was developed by Team Ninja and was released in 2016 exclusively for the PS4. Here’s a detailed review of the game, including everything you need to know before making a purchase.

Graphics and Gameplay

The graphics and gameplay are what make this game stand out from the rest. The game has a lot of attention to detail, and the graphics are stunning, especially when it comes to the characters, locations, and special effects. The gameplay is smooth and enjoyable, as long as you don’t take the game too seriously. It’s a game that is meant to be relaxing, and it does just that perfectly.

The Storyline

There is no real storyline in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune ROM PS4. The game is more like an interactive vacation experience, and the focus is on your character’s relationship with other characters in the game. You’ll get to spend time with the other females on the island, with its sole purpose being to build relationships. It’s not a storyline-driven game, but the dialogue between the characters is fun and entertaining.


The characters are the main highlight of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune ROM PS4. You get to choose from ten playable characters from Dead or Alive, including favorites like Kasumi, Ayane, Honoka, and Marie Rose. Each character comes with their unique skills and abilities, and it’s up to you to use each character’s advantages to win the game.


There are a variety of mini-games that you can play in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune ROM PS4 that are based on different activities such as water slide races, tug-of-war, beach flags, rock climbing, and more. These games help to build relationships between the characters, and they’re a lot of fun to play.


The game’s controls are easy to understand and use. The game also allows you to customize the controls to your liking. However the same can’t be said about the camera controls, it’s not the smoothest, and may take some time to get used to.


Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune ROM PS4 is an enjoyable experience and one of the most fun and visually appealing beach volleyball games out there. The game includes exceptional graphics, memorable characters, and fun mini-games. The only downside is that the game is only available for PS4, and there is no PC version. However, despite this drawback, it is a game worth having in your collection. If you love Dead or Alive and beach volleyball, then go ahead and give Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune ROM PS4 a try, we doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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