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Jul 24, 2023


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Commandos: Strike Force is a unique game that brings two genres together – real-time strategy and first-person shooter. The game sets players in the WWII era, where you’ll play as a Green Beret, a Sniper, and a Spy, each having their own set of objectives to complete. This game is a great addition to any gaming collection, especially those who love intense and action-packed games. In this post, we’ll explore all the exciting features of Commandos: Strike Force ROM for Xbox!

Choose Your Character

In Commandos: Strike Force, players have the option to choose between three playable characters – Green Beret, Sniper, and Spy. Each of the characters has their unique abilities and weapons. The Green Beret is the most powerful character among the three, has close-combat weapons, and can take heavy damage, making him an ideal choice for players who prefer fast-paced action. The Sniper is an intelligent, stealthy assassin who specializes in long-range rifles, making him perfect for players who enjoy strategic gameplay. Lastly, the Spy is a master of disguise and sabotage, making him ideal for players who prefer stealth gameplay.

Mission-Based Gameplay

Commandos: Strike Force takes place during WWII, and players are given the task of completing various missions on different fronts, including Stalingrad, France and Norway. The game has a total of 14 missions, each with its own set of objectives. The objectives in each mission vary from eliminating enemies to gather intelligence, and players will need to use their chosen character’s abilities to succeed. This mission-based gameplay offers a challenging and immersive experience for players.

Stunning Audiovisual Experience

The game’s graphics and audio have been designed to provide players with an immersive audiovisual experience. The backgrounds and characters have been designed with high attention to detail and accuracy to bring a realistic WWII battlefield experience. The music played by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra and the City Choir of the same city is awe-inspiring, and the sound effects are spot on, creating an intense ambiance in gameplay.

Multiplayer Mode

Commandos: Strike Force ROM allows multiplayer with up to eight players, where players can play any one of the three playable characters. Multiplayer mode includes two different game modes, Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, and each mode takes place in four different locations from the single-player campaign. This multiplayer feature offers a unique and intense multiplayer experience to players.


Commandos: Strike Force ROM has a high replay value, as players can complete the campaign with each of the three characters, meaning you’ll need at least three playthroughs to achieve full completion of the game. Additionally, the game’s mission objectives change depending on the chosen character, adding more challenges and variations to the gameplay. This replay value adds to the overall value of the game, making it a great addition to any gaming collection.


In conclusion, Commandos: Strike Force ROM for Xbox is an excellent game that has combined two genres – real-time strategy and first-person shooter – to deliver a unique and immersive gameplay experience. Choosing from three playable characters – Green Beret, Sniper, and Spy – makes the game challenging and demands strategic thinking from the players. The game has excellent audiovisuals, multiplayer mode, and high replay value, making it worth having in any gamer’s collection. So, go ahead and step into the boots of a Commando, and fight your way to victory in this intense and action-packed game.

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