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Sep 20, 2023


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Catrap, also known as Pitman in Japan, is a classic video game that was released back in 1990 for GameBoy (GB). It quickly gained a reputation as being one of the most entertaining puzzle games on the console. Its unique gameplay involves a cat called Curtis and a girl called Catrina who are stuck in a labyrinth that they must escape by collecting keys to open doors. Over the years, the game has become a cult classic and is still popular among gamers today. In this post, we’ll be diving deep into the world of Catrap ROM and exploring what this game is all about.


The gameplay of Catrap is incredibly simple. The game features a series of mazes that you must navigate your way through to reach the exit. In order to escape, you must collect keys to open locked doors to proceed to the next level. To make the gameplay even more interesting, there are several obstacles and enemies in your path that you must overcome by jumping over them. The game has two modes, Easy and Hard, which vary the difficulty level of the mazes.


Catrap comes with simplistic graphics that are both charming and timeless. The game’s visuals complement the gameplay and are easy on the eyes, considering the GameBoy’s limited hardware capabilities. The levels are well-designed, and the characters have a quirky design, which makes them pick up on the screens.

Sound and Music

The soundtrack of Catrap is one that is irresistible, considering the small capabilities of the GameBoy hardwares. The game comes with a fascinating score that reinforces the game’s addictive and challenging nature. Many gamers have high praises for the unique sounds that the game creates.

ROM Versions

Catrap ROMs exist in various versions that have been modified to suit different platforms. The original ROM version is intended for GameBoy gameplay, but there are several versions out there that are modded for gameplay on other platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS. These modified versions have been optimized to perform well on new systems and come with enhanced graphics and sound effects.


In conclusion, Catrap ROM is a classic GameBoy game that continues to entertain gamers even after thirty years since its launch. The unique gameplay, simplistic graphics, and unforgettable soundtrack make it an absolute gem. The game has stood the test of time and continues to inspire other game developers. Many gamers prefer to play this game on modern platforms that have been modified for better gameplay experience. If you’ve never played Catrap before, we highly recommend that you give it a try. Once you start playing, you won’t be able to put it down!

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